A Family Approach to Wealth Management

By the Family CFOs of Fi3

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A Family Approach to Wealth Management


Your tomorrow is our focus today.

We are a multifamily office, with CPA and Certified Financial Planner practitioners who understand the language of business. We also recognize family dynamics. We know that the planning and investment strategy must be integrated across multiple generations and entities.


Managing wealth isn’t just about managing your money. It’s about maximizing your life and legacy. We work with you to establish a roadmap for your wealth plan and help you steer the plan in a different direction as your life changes.


Why We're Different

Forget what you know about how wealth management has typically been handled. We take a holistic approach to managing your family’s wealth. We will tailor a solution that works best for your financial and lifestyle goals. After all, you want to ensure that your family’s wealth extends across generations.

At The Fi3 Family Office, we integrate wealth planning, investment consulting and family leadership for a comprehensive and transparent approach to achieving your goals.  

Our experienced advisors quickly address issues, anticipate any that may arise and provide tailored solutions. When you work with us, we won’t rely on industry jargon and talk about services you don’t need. We will clearly explain our specific solution for your family.  

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A holistic approach to managing your family’s wealth


Our Solutions for Your Family

The Fi3 Family Office serves individuals and families whose wealth extends to multiple generations, leading to heightened focus on family and community legacy. Our solutions start with our Family CFO approach.


Family Leadership Aligned with Your Values

We help the next generation of leaders in your family with a financial education that aligns with your values. 

Our Family CFOs work with you to create a family governance strategy to guide decisions. Then we lead discussions with all family members on the philanthropic, stewardship and other goals for your family. We help all family members understand the values that make your family unique.

Our Family Leadership solutions include Family Education, Philanthropy, Stewardship, Family Governance, and Family Support Solutions.

Wealth Planning for A Lasting Legacy

We have a comprehensive view of your family's wealth management needs. We apply this perspective to every detail of your wealth planning and wealth management. Our Family CFOs include CPAs who understand how a tax compliance solution in one area can impact wealth transfer in another. Our clients rely on us to take all aspects into consideration in order to take the best course of action.

Our Wealth Planning solutions include Tax Planning, Tax Compliance, Insurance Evaluation, Estate & Wealth Transfer and Liability Management.

Investment Consulting to Achieve Your Goals

We serve as a fiduciary to your family, which means that we provide investment consulting to support your best interests. Our Family CFOs will help you preserve your wealth, as well as help you identify and evaluate opportunities across both public and private markets.

Our Investment Consulting solutions include Asset Allocation, Liquidity Management, Manager Selection and Consolidated Financial Reporting.


Take back your time with our lifestyle management solutions

Take back your time with Fi3 Family Office's lifestyle management solutions.

Lifestyle Management

Our Family Office solutions offers more than wealth management. Our holistic approach includes oversight of your family's day-to-day and ongoing financial needs, including:

  • Private banking

  • Private trust services

  • Document management and recordkeeping services

  • Expense management

  • Bill pay services

  • Bookkeeping services


Working With Us

We believe forward-thinking counsel and coordination with the advisory team is crucial to the family’s multigenerational success. 

For our Family Office services, we charge on an annual retainer basis. You don’t have to worry about your fees increasing if you liquidate a business asset or concentrated stock position. We have no products to sell and we don’t get kickbacks or have revenue sharing arrangements. You can have peace of mind knowing we’re only operating in the best interests of the family, acting as a Fiduciary by law.

There are no hidden agendas. As your Family CFO, we will help you stay focused regarding your wealth roadmap. We will give you a pep talk to remain disciplined when the markets rise and fall. We will seamlessly collaborate with a variety of trusted professionals to ensure everyone is working to maximize your family’s legacy. With your success comes our success; we are in this together.


Meet our family CFOs

Meet our Family CFOs

Ivan Hoffman

Managing Partner

Matt Simpson


Sam Muse



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Contact us to learn how The Fi3 Family Office can provide unique advice to empower your family. We’ll work with you to make the best decisions to ensure your family’s legacy for generations to come.