How to Give Away a Pile of Dirt! Optimizing Donations with Non-Cash Assets.

Assets other than cash are prime candidates for donations. The average donor has more wealth in illiquid, non-cash assets than in cash and publicly traded stocks. This can include property such as real estate and business interests, along with items like cryptocurrency, collectibles, mineral rights, artwork, or intellectual property. Unlocking the value in these types of assets can be extremely favorable for both donors and charities.

What You Should Know about the Recent Capital One Data Breach and Equifax Settlement

Have you been impacted by the recent Capital One data breach, or the massive breach involving Equifax in 2017? Given the number of people impacted by these two breaches, it’s quite possible. We’ve highlighted key aspects of the recent Capital One data breach (including how to check to see if you’ve been affected), details of the proposed Equifax settlement and practical considerations for consumers.

2019 Market Outlook Mid-Year Update: Investors Grow Uneasy

Earlier this year, we shared our long-term capital markets outlook for 2019 and the key five themes that framed our expectations. Now that we’ve hit mid-year, we want to explain how our thoughts on the original themes have evolved.

While we don’t recommend a rebalance right now, we do caution and would advise against investors attempting to reach for risk, given the potential for slower growth, full valuations and macroeconomic uncertainty.